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Anyone who has used a drill has most likely experienced the chuck loosening.  The bit either slips or comes right out of the jaws. Conventional keyed and keyless chucks are not ideal for clamping the jaws tightly. The user often has to continually re-tighten the jaws during use.

The Demain Power-Tite™ Internal Chuck System overcomes this problem by using the much higher torque and power provided by the gearbox and motor to drive the jaws closed. Clever torque control design ensures the bit is not over tightened. The result is up to 100% tighter clamping force on the bit or accessory when compared to a standard keyless chuck.  Unlike keyless and keyed chucks, the Power-Tite™ chuck requires no user strength!

Housed internally the spinning chuck cannot damage any surrounding materials thus avoiding repair work and damage to the chuck itself. The drill may now be held close to the front of the tool thus providing far great control and weight distribution, particularly when fixing small screws.

Given the chuck spins internal of the drill housing, we can now dock and mount accessories to the drill.  Stay tuned for more exciting new accessories that work in conjunction with Power-tite™ that will be released in 2008 and beyond.


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