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Demain’s innovations are available to all brands, manufacturer’s, exporters/importers, wholesaler’s, distributors or retailers of power tools and associated products.

With a simple licensing agreement, Demain can  pass on its technology to you and you can complete the project or it can complete the entire process for you (or do parts thereof).  As a minimum Demain will be by your side to ensure the integrity of the innovation.
Companies who are limited with their R&D resources are finding it very convenient to give Demain the responsibility of the entire project at a fraction of the cost of their own R&D  resources.  Provided a licensing agreement is in place for Demain to earn an ongoing income from the sale of each item,  Demain is prepared to invest  their time and resources so there is virtually no up front costs for your company.

License fees/royalties are usually based on a per unit sold figure.  This commercial structure means  if the product doesn’t sell, you have virtually paid nothing for most of the development cost.  Demain is primarily focused on ensuring your product gets to market at a competitive price to ensure maximum volume potential so the royalty amount is negotiable depending on several key factors.

Not only does Demain deliver market leading technologies, it makes it very cost effective to introduce them.  Contact Demain for further information.

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In recent years we have seen the success of Intel®  in the PC industry.  “Intel Inside™ ” is a symbol technology which is marketed separately to any PC brand such as IBM®, HP® or Compac®.  Intel® are a supplier of technology who separately market their features and benefits thus pointing consumers toward their customers products.  Demain will embark on a structured marketing campaign to demonstrate to consumers the benefits of its technology/innovations.  We invite you discuss how we can work with you to help you grow your product sales and your own branding.



Demain will research, design, develop and manufacture your product concept from scratch, in total or in part subject to your requirements.

Or allow Demain to co-ordinate a complete project for you. We will brainstorm new product ideas, conduct market research and focus groups, provide concept sketches, 3D pictures, animations, dummy models, prototypes and ensure your product complies with all statutory and safety regulations and requirements. We will even select the appropriate manufacturer for you with all the necessary manufacturing capabilities including quality assurance and on time delivery assurances.