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Demain International P/L was founded in 2001 with the aim of designing and developing true power tool innovation for the global market. Since 2001, Demain has developed a portfolio of innovation that includes market leading technologies such as Power-Tite™, Air Thru™ and Flashcell™. Demain International’s highly awarded innovations and technologies have been implemented in power tools in most of the major markets of the world.

Is Demain International a power tool brand?

No. Demain International is not a power tool brand. Demain designs and develops power tool innovations and technologies. Demain has complete ownership of these innovations and technologies, and makes them available to all power tool brands through licensing agreements.

Is Demain International an independent company?

Yes, Demain International is a fully independent company and offers its innovations and services to all power tool distributors and manufacturers. 

Can I put Demain Technology™ into my power tool brand?

Yes. You can license Demain Technology and add one or more of their world leading innovations to your power tool brand.

Where can I buy products featuring Demain Technology™?

For a list of retailers that sell products featuring Demain Technology please contact Demain International. Click here to contact Demain.

I’m a Manufacturer, can I make a product using one of Demain’s innovations?

Yes you can.  Some of Demain’s selected technologies may not be available for you to sell in some countries for a certain period of time but contact Demain to discuss your particular requirements.

I have an idea for my own power tool innovation.  Can Demain help me to bring it to market?

Yes, absolutely.  Demain will put your idea through its ICADS system to determine if your idea is a winner and if so, Demain will help you complete the development and bring the product to the market via its global list of customers.  Contact Demain for details.

What part of the whole power tool development process can’t Demain handle?

None!  Demain can provide a “turn key” development for any size power tool company for any specification and quality level.  We will even look after the patent process and provide expert marketing advice.  Contact Demain for more information.

How long has Demain International been involved with power tools?

Since 1993, when it’s founder and Managing Director, David Scrimshaw, began importing and marketing power tools in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.  David sold his “me too” importing business in 2001 to concentrate on Demain and the global application of its innovations.